School Notification System

When it comes to school notification systems, reliability, ease of use, and security are the most important considerations. Routine and Emergency Notifications For Every Educational Institution. Now empowers educational institutions to stay connected with students, staff, families, and surrounding communities.

Make communicating with parents quick, easy and hassle free while saving yourself hours of time and bags of cash!.

Using our unique SMS software, it is possible for the schools and colleges to communicate parents of students. The school and college can comunicate Exam / Test results, Homeworks, Attendance of the students, Holiday announcements, Meetings and important dates, Timetable, Fee details.

The Trusted Platform for Schools

Keep Parents Informed and Students on Track

Communication with parents, students or staff is essential whether building relationships that encourage parental involvement, scheduling conferences or sending tuition reminders. Our school notification system helps schools communicate easily and economically.

Unmatched Performance & Reliability

School Notification is known for successfully delivering high volumes of messages quickly and efficiently. During tough winter months, it's not uncommon for our school notification system to deliver hundreds of millions of messages accurately and securely. Other systems simply can't match our dependability.

Customized Communications For Schools, Colleges and Universities

Our messaging systems for schools, colleges and universities benefit the institutions in many ways. Improve enrollment by communicating with prospective students through messages. Colleges and Universities are replacing direct mailings with personalized messages. Furthermore, our system for schools can build a strong sense of community for students and staff alike.

Routine and Emergency Notifications For Every Educational Institution

From preschools to K-12 to colleges and universities school notification system empowers educational institutions to stay connected with students, staff, families, and surrounding communities. Our system allows administrators to send routine sms to parents, send emergency texts, and text reminders that can commence within seconds.

Supporting Elementary And Secondary Schools

Thankfully, our automated K-12 school notification systems make elementary and secondary school communication efficient and affordable. Regardless of your school's size or location—whether you're a public or a private institution—school notification system can integrate seamlessly with your database. This will allow you to instantly alert all necessary parties about school emergencies, delays, and cancellations.